Why You Want People to Unsubscribe from Your Email List


Why You Want People to Unsubscribe from Your Email ListYou ever get ‘the boot’ from someone you were dating, and you really had it ‘bad’ for them?

You know…the ‘break your heart’ kinda stuff.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking it’s never happened to an incredibly suave bloke as myself, but alas, I’ve had my share of the jilts…

But here’s the thing:

Remember looking back and thinking, ‘boy oh boy, did they do me a favor!’

A little hindsight is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?

So when you are busting your behind building that vaunted email list, and someone unsubscribes, do you get that feeling…’WHY are they leaving…what did I do’?

Chances are you did nothing (unless you’re a seedy spammer…but I warned you on that my young grasshopper didn’t I?).

This is actually a GOOD thing. You WANT THIS.

Why? Watch my video and I’ll tell you why you should cheer in glee as you show them the door…

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