Why Following Your Passion is Baloney

Why Following Your Passion is Baloney

Following Your Passion is Baloney

‘I’m gonna be a millionaire running from these bulls!!’

Everyone harps on and on about…

“following your passion”

I call Cow Dung. Or bull…


The magical mystical phrase of wisdom and empowerment can actually get you in to business trouble.

Lemme give you 2 HUGE examples to think about when someone tells you following your passion is the be-all and end-all…

1. Your ‘passion’ may have aspects to it that don’t make it a fulfilling career for you.

I got a real-life example on this…

Yours truly.

My die-hard passion since I was a little kid was drumming. I’ve been playing drums since I was 5 years old and when I became a late teen I started to pursue it professionally. To make a long story short, I absolutely HATED my career as a musician.

I loved the drumming itself, but the business end of it (music biz) and the lifestyle made me miserable.

So I quit.

And you know what??

Best decision I ever made.

So the ‘passion’ itself was fulfilling but many of the other components to my craft were not.

This is more common than you think.

2. Your ‘passion’ may just not be that lucrative.

I remember watching a video by well-known entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk where he talked about monetizing any passion you might have.

That’s a crock.

Don’t get me wrong…I love Gary V but I firmly believe he’s wrong on this one. Some passions just aren’t conducive to a career, especially if you want to make a TON of money (and BTW, wanting to be rich is NOT a bad thing).

Now don’t misunderstand me…

There are plenty of examples of people who experienced huge success following their passion…

Professional athletes are one example that comes to my mind. (And hey! If you have a passion that you know will (or does) give you the career you want then good for you)

But this whole ‘meta’ thing of ‘following the divine path’ in order to see any success is just crap.

With a little sweat equity and desire, you can enter in to ANY market and create success for yourself if you really want it…

…and don’t let any cleric in the wilderness tell you any different.

That’s why you should really pick up Dean Holland’s Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret.

You don’t have to have some god-given passion or be an expert to make money from what Dean teaches.

You just have to follow what he shows you…

…and he’s got some stuff you DESERVE to see.

And since it’s no-cost (minus a $4.95 shipping charge) there is no risk to you.

So put down the passion fruit tea and grab Dean’s training so you can start making some real coin…


Kenneth Holland

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