When the student is ready he'll get off his ass and go to work

When the student is ready he’ll get off his ass and go to work


When the student is ready he’ll get off his ass and go to work“I’ve enrolled in another quarter of school…I bet there’s gonna be a ton of young chicks I can hit on.”

My friend was 42, and had been going to college since…well…high school.

That’s a lot of ‘higher learning’. Or in his case, younger socializing.

And trust me, there was no ‘Buddha’ anywhere in his name…

Hey, I got no problem with banter with the opposite sex, but my friend was deluded in to thinking financial success equated to how much school he could attend. Or maybe he was just lazy and afraid…

Either way, what was his ‘education’ really doing for him? (well…yeah…dates with broads 20 years younger than him but that TAKES money from you and doesn’t generate it!)

Which leads me to my disdain for structured education in our society.

How do I put this lightly…

The education system sucks balls. At least in the U.S.

Seriously, why did I have to (try to) learn factoring in Algebra? When was I gonna use that?? Yes, I probably would need it if i was building a nuclear device (disclaimer: I am NOT building an atomic weapon. I don’t even know how to build a vibrator).

My point is, there is education and mentoring that is sorely needed in school on, say, building a business. Ha! Fancy that!

Oh sure, there is some good fundamental teaching that takes place (and that I surely benefited from) but there’s a whole lot more theory being taught as opposed to ‘here’s how you actually survive and make money in this world’ real life stuff.

The evidence is there: There’s never been more dumbassess roaming about than now. You know I’m right.

Here’s a partial quote from Bill Wilder, founder of Life Cycle Institute:

…When the biological conditions are right, the enzyme is there. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Or, rather, the teacher has been there all along, like an enzyme, helping move things along when things need moving along and staying out of the way the rest of the time.

Wha??? I feel like one of those robed dudes in ‘The Time Machine’…just wandering around with a mango stuffed in my mouth as I read this quote.

C’mon Bill. Learn what you need to learn, and then go DOOO it.

Just a little lesson for y’all: Education will not make you wealthy. Application will. Yes, learning is important. But here’s the issue as I see it: Our society is so caught up in education for education’s sake. There’s simply not enough doing. That’s part of the reason half of America is poor.

Pathetic actually.

Most jobs are just not cutting it anymore. You gotta take the initiative, put down the ‘theory of relatives’ (I hate studying about my family), and find a business vehicle (there’s an endless supply of opportunities out there…especially online) and execute.

Times are changing folks. Big brother and the University of ‘What the Hell Do I Do Now’ ain’t gonna pay your mortgage.

YOU gotta make it happen.

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