When shit gets tough it's not about coloring books and safe zones...

When shit gets tough it’s not about coloring books and safe zones…


When shit gets tough it’s not about coloring books and safe zones…So, we had a pretty big U.S. Presidential election recently by all accounts…

…and a guy with hair that looks like a hairpiece that’s not a hairpiece (so we’re told) is about to become the next Grand Poobah.

And you know what?? I don’t really care.

I’m not here today to talk politics. But I know that you know that I’m gonna rant about something…right??

You’re getting to know me now 🙂

So, apparently some of the millennials were rather distressed about this ‘abomination’. And as a result, some colleges gave the students time off from school to regroup and some even gave them coloring books (no joke) to comfort them.


Now, we’ve all read heard the saying ‘you gotta get outta your comfort zone’.

It’s become a buzz phrase in business and self improvement.

I think a lot of people say it because they’ve been told to say it…while not being sure WHY they say it.

Let me give you 2 reasons why stepping out of your comfort zone (and throwing away the crayons) is vital.

1: History tells us that early man (no, not 1950!!) ran around, killing animals, foraging for food and grasping for their existence. There was no conscious decision to do it. It was simply a must for survival. So fast forward to the modern tech man (the last 200 years) and we have ‘smart phones’ and ‘socialism’. We now live in a world (with some exceptions) where the quest for survival has been replaced with ‘where’s my health care, where’s my job, where’s my clean air etc…

Understand me here: I am not against any of those things at all. But as humans in the 21st century, it’s what we’ve been conditioned to accept as ‘the norm’. There is no longer the must for survival because of modernism. But, at the end of the day, you are on your own whether you choose to believe it or not. No government, no entity of any kind is going to be there for you when it doesn’t suit their agenda. Don’t believe me? Just follow the path of the crybabies described above for about 2-4 years as you try to get through life and I’ll be proven right (again). Best you learn some survival skills.

2: It generally makes us more fulfilled and happy. Studies show we ‘grow’ after pushing through challenges and even tough times in our life. We’ve all experienced this: getting your first tooth pulled, speaking in front of an audience, confronting any fear and conquering it, seeing the Kardashians for the 5th time in a day on Social Media and not throwing up…)

So How Does This Apply to Your Business?

Sooner or later, you better accept the fact that if you’re going to grow in your online pursuits you best prepare for some uncomfortable times ahead. It’s called ‘getting out of your comfort zone’. And getting out of it is very rewarding. It’s what humans were meant to do.

Laying on the Beach is Overrated and You Know It

Sure, a great vacation where you can see a weird looking fish at the bottom of the sea while you sip a drink with a lime in the bottle is always fun. But soon you’ll feel something tugging at you: “What now? The sand is great but I want to DO something.”

No. Do not tell me you could be happy sitting on the beach the rest of your life. You would be lying.

We are meant for purpose in our life. It’s what drives us. Stop looking for the easy way out. There IS NO EASY WAY, no matter what that Facebook post promised you.

And the millennial mutiny described above? They’ve been conditioned to get everything they want. Most will grow out of it. After they’re are forced…

…to step out of their comfort zone.

Then life will become real for them.

Which is a good thing.

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