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Can You Pass the Losers and the Stuffing? The Week in Review


A short week with the holiday…and the resultant napping after you realize you can’t buckle your pants. But I did wax poetic on who you allow in your circle of influence, the 80-20 rule and the importance of pork products.

But let’s not let that extra helping of waldorf salad stop us…let’s get in to it…Continue reading

How to Get Your Head Straight in Your Business: The Week in Review


week in reviewI was really in a ‘rant’ mood this past week (happens a lot), but only because I care. People have so much potential, but guess what? ‘Potential’ doesn’t mean squat in my book. It’s the ‘doing’ and RESULTS that matter!

So without further ado, here’s the wrap-up of the past weeks posts and videos:Continue reading