Can You Pass the Losers and the Stuffing? The Week in Review

Can You Pass the Losers and the Stuffing? The Week in Review


A short week with the holiday…and the resultant napping after you realize you can’t buckle your pants. But I did wax poetic on who you allow in your circle of influence, the 80-20 rule and the importance of pork products.

But let’s not let that extra helping of waldorf salad stop us…let’s get in to it…

The Myth of Market Saturation in Online Marketing

Budding online marketers need to wrap their arms around 2 truths: Competition in a market is a GOOD thing and you cannot avoid it anyway. In fact, going in to an untapped market can be disastrous. Here’s why.

Are You Surrounding Yourself with Losers?

The company you keep keeps your company. In know…not a comfortable question to confront (I’ve had to do it many times) but SO necessary if you want success in life. You deserve better.

3 Ways ‘No’ Can Make You Rich

Understand that 80% (usually more) of your leads will say ‘NO’. Guess what? 80% of the people you come across are ‘No’s’ too. Are you feeling me? Learn that ‘No’s are a part of your life and business and learn to move through them QUICKLY.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family…Where’s the Ham?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate that stuff(ing), I hope you had a great weekend. But I’m not going to tolerate not getting a ham for the holidays. Maybe you can help

How to Create a Swipe File for Your Online Business

Nothing is original anymore…and that’s not a bad thing. Creating and updating a swipe file is a great way to always have fresh content ideas for your business. And it’s easy too.

Downtown Palm Springs Nightlife – Dot Com Travels

Yes it’s back! The Dot Com Travels segment…my weekly adventure post consisting of food, travel and galavanting. In today’s post, I show you some Downtown Palm Springs Nightlife complete with pizza, candy and dry-aged beef (NOT popular with the Vegans for some reason…).


Swipes, turkey…and candy. Quite the mix. But I like peanut butter and banana so I like weird combinations.

Do you have anything to add (pizza recommendations for example)? Let me know below. And don’t forget to follow me on my social channels (go see the sidebar).


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