Stop Doing Stuff You Hate

Stop Doing Stuff You Hate


Stop Doing Stuff You HateThere is almost nothing worse than doing stuff you hate.

Let’s be honest here. You have to occasionally deal with things you hate or at least things you dislike. Seeing certain relatives, going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get our license renewed, eating cauliflower (well…I hate it).

But there probably is no greater (or common) example of the stuff you hate more than going to a job that you despise.  And since that is one of the main topics of this blog, I want to focus on that.

Here’s the Stuff I Hate

I’ll give you the three main ones:

  • Not Taking Care of Yourself – Health…physically and mentally…is THE most important of all.  And make no mistake, you DO hate it.
  • Working for a Boss – There’s not much worse on my list (other than the above).
  • Deceitful People – Self explanatory.

Nothing stays in the back of my mind more than the boss one. It keeps me motivated every day because I want freedom. And I work very hard for it as a result.

Now, if you’re in this group (many are) it’s also killing you slowly.

Harsh words, I know.  But it’s the truth.

Some might say ‘well, that’s just the reality for most…having a job is what you have to do in life.’

I disagree.

While I understand people have to make living, there are too many excuses from those who ‘wish’ for something better (winning the lottery, for example).  And those who say ‘I would love to make a lot of money in my own business and quit my job but I don’t have the time’ simply don’t believe in themselves.

But, unfortunately, it goes deeper than just ‘not having the time’ or the will.

The ‘hating’ can crush your soul and affect your family.  We see examples of this ALL THE TIME.

And that, my dear friends, is why you should stop doing stuff you hate.

Make no mistake, there are people that absolutely love their jobs.

This post isn’t for them.

So how do you achieve this?

It’s hard…but it’s simple:  Put the time in to something that will get you out of your job.

That means, after you’ve put your kids to bed, spending the rest of your evenings building a future for you….and them.  8-2AM.  There’s no magic bullet.  Find a vehicle (aka work from home opportunity), buckle down and get on with it.

No excuses.  I just told you how to do it, didn’t I?  Not very sexy…but very effective.

Yes, You Might Make Less Money When You Stop Doing Stuff You Hate

You’ll make less money in the beginning. Anyone who tells you otherwise…that you’ll make 100K a month in the next 90 days…is LYING TO YOU.

There’s no shortcuts.  No magic bullets.  Just work.

The rewards are SO worth it…if you’re committed.

And if you hate where you are now, you owe your family that.

Check out this video of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s rant on doing stuff you hate (it’s also embedded below). It’s golden:

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