Stop Complaining and Start Working

Stop Complaining and Start Working

stop complaining

Stop complaining if you spend your free time watching Netflix…

Was talking to a guy the other day when I was out and he said something interesting:

“Donald Trump was given all his money.”

Oh here we go.

Yes, Trump inherited a sizable sum of money from everything I’ve read…although nowhere even close to what he is worth now.

‘So what’s your point?” I asked.

“That’s the only way you get wealthy.” the guy answered.

I just shook my head.

That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve heard all year.  Seriously.  If you believe that you need your head examined.

As Gary V said in another video (oh…and don’t worry I’ll be posting it soon)…’the level of complaining is unacceptable.’

And it is.

I’m on the phone a lot coaching people towards success but I gotta tell you…there are some real whiners out there that make every excuse in the book for where they are in life. It’s really sad, actually. Because these people seem ‘content’ to dig their own grave of mediocrity.

Go ahead…if that’s all you think of yourself.

My Stop Complaining Challenge to YOU

It’s very simple:

Do you want?  Then go GET.  While others bitch…you work.

Stop Complaining and Start Working

Last night, a good friend asked me what TV shows have I followed in the last 10 years or so.

I couldn’t think of one.  Because I don’t.  I’m too busy.  And I’m not near as busy as some people I know (who are super successful).

I’m not saying this to brag, because I have a long way to go to reach my goals.  And it’s been a super struggle at times.  I’ve had to revamp how Kenneth Holland thinks.

But you better be accountable if what you’re doing is not working!

This video below sums it up.  It’s not rocket science boys and girls:

Stop complaining and DO something.

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