Single Opt In vs Double Opt In: Which Should You Use?

Single Opt In vs Double Opt In: Which Should You Use?

Single Opt In vs Double Opt In

What are the pros and cons of Single Opt In vs Double Opt In?

For those entrepreneurs who appreciate the power of email marketing, list building is a fundamental part of the formula. When experienced marketers say “the money is in the list”, they should be taken very seriously.

A well-managed list will provide an endless source of revenue and is a valuable asset to any business. One crucial step in determining how a list is built is whether or not to use the single opt in or double opt in method of securing subscribers.

NOTE:  I touched on single opt in vs double on a post a few days ago but wanted to cover this in depth.

What is Single Opt In vs Double Opt In?

There are any number of ways that a potential customer will be prompted to join or “subscribe” to an email list. In the case of an online sales page, visitors will be encouraged to enter their contact information in order to access a particular offer. This process is referred to as the “opt-in”.

In the case of the single opt in, once the customer enters their contact information, they’re immediately added to the email list. There is no further action required on their part…and they’re now an active lead and an instant asset to the list.

A double opt in, however, requires a two-step process: The customer will go through the initial step, but will then be emailed a confirmation to the address they submitted in the contact form. Their response, or confirmation, to this email is the second part of the opt-in. It’s only after the second step that they become an active lead.

How Does Single Opt In vs. Double Affect Your List Building?

It’s no surprise that building a list using the single opt in method will generally result in more subscribers. When potential customers are eager to access a free offer or further information, adding an additional step in the process will result in fewer opt-ins. By only asking for their contact information and permission one time, it’s often much easier to get them committed and get them on the list.

The downside of the single opt in is that many people will submit their information without realizing they’ve been placed on an email list. This will often result in complaints about future mailings, bogus email addresses that have no real value, and abnormally high cancellation rates. It’s important to remember that these downsides are not absolutes, and can easily be overcome.

While the double opt in method can reduce the total number of subscribers by as much as 50%, the trade-off is generally a higher quality list. The theory behind this is simply that potential customers who go the extra mile to become subscribers will remain on the list and offer better conversion rates.

As someone who understands that a profitable email list has a great deal to do with the volume of subscribers, I prefer to use the single opt in method.

Using The Single Opt In Email Building Method

If you choose to employ the single opt in method, there is a simple formula to build a rock solid email list: Drive high quality traffic to your offers and opt-in pages. Poor traffic will only result in low conversion rates, spam complaints and an email list that offers no real value.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you’re serious about email marketing, list building will be your bread and butter. When you use high quality traffic and offer your subscribers consistent value, you’ll be building a bigger list that can potentially provide you with lifetime of income.

Are you already building a list via email? Which method do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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