Beware of the Self Appointed Expert

Beware of the Self Appointed Expert

The self appointed expert

We’ve all been bombarded by the self appointed expert…

We’ve all had (or have them) in our life…the self appointed expert.

It’s that person who seemingly knows everything about all subjects and is always ready to let you know that they do, all the time.  And here’s the thing: they usually have no knowledge whatsoever of the subjects they speak about.

Just What is a Self Appointed Expert…or Self Appointed Authority?

Now, if you read the definition of ‘expert’, you get:

‘A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.’

Yep.  This person knows his or her stuff about a particular subject or field.

The self appointed expert definition according to Collins Dictionary is:

‘…having assumed authority without the agreement of others.’

In other words…

‘They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.’

Why Should I Care What They Say?

You shouldn’t.  That’s exactly my point.  You must limit your time around these types of people. As it applies to your business, they can often attempt to derail you, especially when you’re just getting started.  They may start driveling on about he pitfalls of ‘that pyramid scheme’ you’re in, when in reality, they have never been in the business themselves.

Surround Yourself with People Who LISTEN, and Be One Yourself

Interestingly,  self appointed experts rarely listen.  You ever experience this?  They’re too busy hearing themselves wax poetic about the affairs of the world and business (often incorrectly) to ever listen to what’s around them…or you.

If you feel you must call out your self appointed leader (like that?) when they start their sermon here’s some lines you can respond with:

“Where did you hear that grand nugget of wisdom?”

“You fool!” – (a Gilbert Gottfried quote)

“You’re full of baloney.”

In all seriousness, always be open to new ideas from people who are open themselves.  Most truly successful people are good listeners.  That’s one of the reasons they became successful.

Follow their lead.

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