Why Lottery Players Do Not Want to be Wealthy

Why Lottery Players Do Not Want to be Wealthy

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Most lottery players don’t want the money. That’s why they play…

That’s quite a title, isn’t it?

It’s true.

Yep…Lottery players don’t really want the money.

Let me explain…

Yes, we all ‘want’ the money.  But most people don’t know WHY they want it.

Oh sure, there are the typical answers:  To quit their job.  To buy a new car.  To go on vacations.

Then there are the altruistic reasons:  To take care of their families.  To start a charity.

But for the vast majority of lottery players that play and say they want the above things, they sure don’t do anything about it.  In fact most of those same people have a negative mindset:  They complain about their jobs, their life, etc….

Consider some of these stories of ‘Lottery Success’:

The argument that people always use when talking about lottery tickets is “What if I win?” Well, what if you do win?

Cailie Rogers won $3 million in a lottery. Six years later, she’s a single mother of two working as a maid to make ends meet.

Ken Proxmire won a million dollars. Several years later, his wife left him and he filed for bankruptcy.

William Post won $16.2 million in a lottery. Within a decade, he declared bankruptcy, his brother ordered a contract killing on his life, his girlfriend dumped him and sued him, and he lives on Social Security.

Jack Whitaker won $315 million in the lottery. Within a decade, his wife divorced him, his daughter and granddaughter both died of consumption-related issues, his property was broken into repeatedly, and he wound up bouncing checks in casinos because he no longer had the cash to cover them.

Yes, we’ve all heard the tales.

Lottery Players by Income Paints a Sad Story

Most lottery players are either low-income earners or in a state of outright poverty, according to a study by Cornell University:

This detailed study by Cornell University shows that state lotteries get a disproportional amount of sales from the poor and disadvantaged and examines the reasons behind why those who have the least spend the most on the lottery. While it is for many a source of entertainment to play, the study finds that the real reason for this trend is that those stricken with poverty look to the lottery as a way to improve their lives and help them escape their poverty.

That’s what most people think:  ‘This…THIS is my ticket.’

No…it’s not.

What winning the lottery REALLY tells someone is it’s now ‘ok’ to change their life.  Except it’s NOT ok…for most.  Because for most, they truly don’t feel they deserve it.  The winning is a false outside validation that they can now be ‘wealthy’.

Think I’m full of it?

The ones who truly feel like they DO deserve it DO something about it and are usually more successful anyway…without a lottery.

See, lottery players do not actually THINK they will win. That’s WHY they play.

If you want to be wealthy in this life then you need to….you MUST change how you THINK about money and wealth.

Because I can tell you…that is THE reason why you’re not.

Disagree with me? Sound off in the comments below…

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