How Instagram Bot Comments Are Ruining Your Brand

How Instagram Bot Comments Are Ruining Your Brand


Instagram Bot CommentsAh….Instagram Bot Comments.

The ultimate social media shortcut.

The booming popularity of the photo sharing app has given rise to countless startups, apps and coding nerds in Mom’s basement who will try to sell you a way to automate your comments on Instagram…

“Comment automatically, and skyrocket your engagement.”

“Leave relevant, thoughtful comments and build your brand!”

How Instagram Bot Comments Are Ruining Your Brand [VIDEO]

Using an Instagram bot (essentially a computer) to auto-comment on people’s Instagram posts do 3 things:

1. Make you look inauthentic (at best) and a spammer at worst
2. Hurts your branding because…see number 1.
3. Risks your account being shut down

Making generic auto-comments like ‘great pic’ doesn’t help you. Especially if you say ‘great pic’ on a photo of a dead Giraffe in Africa.

You also risk getting your account axed. It IS against Instagram’s terms of service, and many bot companies have (and are) been shut down because of it. (Instagress being the most notable)

Here’s What You SHOULD Do on Instagram

You can (and SHOULD) follow and unfollow people.

I am getting more and more ‘natural’ followers as my brand builds. However, I DO follow and unfollow people.

To those of you ‘purists’ that message me (who typically have 167 followers BTW) and complain that I’ve followed then unfollowed you, I have some advice for you: Spend more of your time building your brand instead of whining to me.

You think I care about the .01% of you who can’t get out of your own way and troll others?

I don’t. For more information, read this.

When you’re building your profile, F/UF (follow/unfollow) is the ONLY way to build your profile. End of story. Instagram limits how many people you can follow total (currently at 7.5K). So don’t tell me to do it naturally. It does not work.

I’m not Kim Kardashian…and neither are you.

In my expert, humble opinion (is that an oxymoron?), Instagram needs to change their rules on F/UF. But I don’t own it now do I?

So we’re stuck with what we have.

I understand why people use a bot for F/UF. But I’m not going to risk it.

Now, for those of you who REALLY want to build a business…listen up: DON’T ‘bot’ your comments on Instagram. You look like a spammer and you look stupid.

Notice I didn’t say YOU are stupid.

You’re not.

You’re just lazy.

Stop being lazy. I get that you’re trying to save time ( I love to save time). But comments that say ‘beautiful’ on a pic for the Las Vegas shooting make you look like an idiot.

It does not help you…and again, it hurts your brand.

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