"I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No Money"

“I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No Money”


I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No MoneyHere’s one I get…just about everyday…’I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No Money.’

*sigh* … because of this, I might have to do a weekly post and video on this very subject.

This is usually how it goes: They contact me on social media, they tell me they want to start a business online, and they’re ready to work hard.

Then I get the kicker:

“I don’t have any money for a business.”

I’ll be honest with you…oftentimes I’ll just ignore them. However sometimes I will answer them and probe. When I do this, I usually get some variation of 1 of 2 things:

“Well, I want to see how it goes before I invest anything.”


“I can’t even pay my bills right now and could be evicted….”

I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No Money: What You’re Really Saying…

I’ll start with the second excuse:

You’re about to be out on the street. This one is simple: Go get a job. The LAST thing you should be thinking about is starting a business. This should be self-explanatory.

On the first excuse, this is all about not being committed and not believing in yourself.

So before you even start thinking about starting a business, you need to get your head screwed on straight. Because you are nowhere CLOSE to having what it takes to succeed in your own business.

“I Read All the Time You Can Start an Online Business With No Money…I Want to Do That Blah Blah”

Yep. You ‘can’.

My advice? Don’t waste your time.

This whole ‘I’m gonna produce tons of content with SEO and get tons of traffic and sales…..’


It IS possible (technically). But it would take so long that you will never stick to it.

It’s a fools errand. At some point early on, you will need to spend money on some basic tools (autoresponder, web hosting) and then some ad money.

“I can get free web hosting and a free mail system.”

No you can’t. Not anything worth your time. Trust me.

I am bluntly honest with people…and I’m being honest with you:

Invest in yourself and set aside money for your business.

I don’t know ONE person (NOT ONE) that has built a successful online business with NO MONEY.

And I’ve been at this for 16 years.

Watch my vid above for more…

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