How do you crack this $64,000 question?

How do you crack this $64,000 question?

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“Wait…this is Pat Sajak! Eh…same difference.”

Do you remember the game show called…

‘The $64,000 Dollar Question?’

It aired on television between 1955 and 1958 (that’s even before MY time).

The premise: contestants were asked a series of questions starting at $1,000 and it doubled for each right answer until it got up to 64 grand.

The show obviously didn’t last long but its title became somewhat a figure of speech in the years after when someone would refer to a question where the answer is not known but everybody wants to know it.


‘So you think Ronald is carrying on with Trixie on the side?’

‘That’s the $64,000 question isn’t it?’

We all have questions for which we are dying for the answer. In online marketing its:

‘How are (seemingly) all these marketers making money online but I can’t seem to make anything work?’

It’s our version of the $64K question.

(Nowadays, more like 640K but who’s counting?)

Here’s some nuggets of truth:

There are thousands of different ways to succeed online so it would be disingenuous of me to tell you there is ONE magic bullet.

There is not.


I do know a great place to start strategy-wise that will never do you wrong.

But before I give you the answer (and an inexpensive solution to achieve this) you need to know one of the most important things you must build in your business:


What do we really mean by this?

It’s really just how people in the marketplace INDENTIFY you from your competitors.

It’s WHAT and WHO you are. And the consistent building of your brand gives you credibility and builds TRUST in the eyes of your potential customers.

Once you do this, selling becomes easy.

Now, don’t go getting all intimidated by this. Building a brand for yourself isn’t really hard, but it takes a little time.

And there is a strategy and a tool you should be using every day to build your brand.

Watch your email tomorrow and I’ll show it to you.

And better yet, I’ll show you how you can start using this tool almost immediately and inexpensively.

See you tomorrow.

Kenneth Holland

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