How to Get Your Head Straight in Your Business: The Week in Review

How to Get Your Head Straight in Your Business: The Week in Review


week in reviewI was really in a ‘rant’ mood this past week (happens a lot), but only because I care. People have so much potential, but guess what? ‘Potential’ doesn’t mean squat in my book. It’s the ‘doing’ and RESULTS that matter!

So without further ado, here’s the wrap-up of the past weeks posts and videos:

The Lottery Mentality Will Keep You Broke

The masses mistakenly believe that winning a lottery or some grand sweepstakes will carry them on a puffy white cloud to the promised land. Ha! Far from it my friends! You better do some self-introspection and figure out why you’re not where you want to be in your life…and let me tell you, 200 MIL handed to you ain’t gonna fix it.

“I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No Money”

Of course you don’t. But you’re going to do it for free right? Uh…no. Want to start an online business? It’s STILL a business…and it’s going to take money, hate to break to ya. BUT…you CAN do it on the cheap. Just don’t be cheap-ass yourself and think you’re gonna pull it off pro-bono. Because you’re not.

How to Deal With Tire Kickers and Conspiracy Theorists

‘Area 51 has tons of dead aliens and all this internet marketing stuff is a scam.’ Ok, just put down the Koolaid for a minute and let’s talk this out. *while I run out the door* Seriously, it’s time for a million-mile service on your noggin’ and realize that there’s a ton of real opportunity out there. But first you gotta stop being paranoid thinking Sasquatch has been spying on you from your neighbors’.

Do You Need College for Internet Marketing?

Nothing like a formal education to teach you how to send a sales email and close a sale. Where do I sign up? I’ll pass. With some exceptions, college is a crock. Yep, I said it. Here’s why.

How Student Loans and Debt Screw You

On the heels of my ‘College’ post above, I delve in to the great American University scam: Student loans and how they are one of the worse things you can fall for as a 19 year-old. Show them you’re hip to their game.

Life is Not About Easy

Hey young person? Kylie Kardashian is NOT your role model for what it takes to be successful. And to you budding online marketers, the 60-day plan to six figures is a lie. Take it from someone who started and stopped trying to find the shortcut more times than an 80 year-old at his urologist visit.


There you have it. More wisdom goodness that’s fit to print (or sorry….’print’ is a term from the dark ages, I’ll explain some other time…)

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