Gary Vaynerchuk and The Wizard's Simple Business Advice [Dot Com Minute]

Gary Vaynerchuk and The Wizard’s Simple Business Advice [Dot Com Minute]


Gary Vaynerchuk and The Wizard’s Simple Business AdviceMost of you are probably familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk. If not, you know by now what to do. Gary Vee (as he’s known) is a very successful business owner and a huge social media influencer. Gary grew up working for his Dad’s wine business and he then took it and turned it in to a multi-million dollar operation.

Gary Vaynerchuk and His Simple Formula for Success

Gary’s mantra is pretty damn straightforward: work hard. And then harder. If you follow him, you soon realize that his message day in and day out is simple. Work ethic. Consistency. Showing up and being your best.

I don’t doubt that he’s smart and talented (he obviously is). But there’s huge lesson to be learned here that just showing up every day planning to win outdoes every strategy, shortcut and loophole.

If you’re losing in your business, it’s most likely because you’re not showing up every day. You’re not being consistent. You’re not playing the long game as Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say.

Now…remember the ‘The Wizard of Oz’? (Of course you do) So in the movie Dorothy and her co-horts (The Scarecrow, The Tinman and The Cowardly Lion) travel down ‘The Yellow Brick Road’ and find ‘The Wizard of Oz’, each in search of something THEY THINK eludes them.

As they face the Wizard, who depicts himself as a huge, other-worldly figure surrounded by fire, they soon find out he is nothing more than a middle-aged man projecting himself as a fearsome creature.

He then gives each of them a symbolic token depicting the things they are ‘searching for’ making them realize they possessed those things all along.

Humans often tend to search for things they think they need and desire, only to find that they’ve had those things all along.

You see this all the time online, especially on Facebook. People looking ‘for the next hot opportunity, shortcut…and software’ that does all the work for you.

Success in anything is brought about by consistent action…and knowing you already have what it takes.

In this day and age, that statement is not sexy, is it? Oh, but it’s true.

Stop searching outward and start searching within to find it….and bring it out.

The answers are not with the latest opportunity.

Stop with the gimmicks.

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