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3 Ways ‘No’ Can Make You Rich


3 ways no can make you richLet’s be bluntly honest here…

Nobody likes rejection.

No one likes being told ‘no’.

In business, and in life.

I’ve been at this game for SIXTEEN years…and I STILL hate it.

But it doesn’t bother me anymore. At all. In fact, I KNOW it’s a powerful (and necessary) part of my sales process at all times.

Want to know why? Read (and watch) on…Continue reading

Are You Surrounding Yourself with Losers?


are you surrounding yourself with losersAre You Surrounding Yourself with Losers?

That is not a comfortable question to ask someone, let alone ask yourself. But it may be the single most important ‘thing’ you face in your life.Continue reading

The Myth of Market Saturation in Online Marketing


myth of market saturationOne recurring complaint or concern I hear a lot from newbies getting in to online marketing is “the market is saturated”…or “my niche is saturated.”

There seems to be so much competition in every niche how can anyone get their piece?

Let me explain why this is utter hogwash…Continue reading

How Student Loans and Debt Screw You


student loans and debtOn the heels of yesterday’s post and video I did regarding if you need to go to college for internet marketing, I did a video why student loans and debt will screw you.

A couple of things to note here:Continue reading

Do You Need College for Internet Marketing?


college for internet marketingAn interesting question that comes up in our field of online business is, should you go to college for internet marketing?

My short answer is ‘no’.

Let me explain.Continue reading

How to Deal With Tire Kickers and Conspiracy Theorists


How to Deal With Tire KickersIf you want to play in the internet marketing game for the long haul, you’re going to need to know how to deal with tire kickers.

They’re kinda like conspiracy theorists…they run with the mantra ‘The Truth is Out There…’

“The Kennedy Assassination was a cover-up!”

“9-11 was an inside job!”

“The government is gassing us with all those chemtrails!”

“Internet marketing is a scam!!!”Continue reading

“I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No Money”


I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No MoneyHere’s one I get…just about everyday…’I Want to Start a Small Business But Have No Money.’

*sigh* … because of this, I might have to do a weekly post and video on this very subject.

This is usually how it goes: They contact me on social media, they tell me they want to start a business online, and they’re ready to work hard.

Then I get the kicker:

“I don’t have any money for a business.”Continue reading

If It Were Easy Everyone Would Still Not Do It


If It Were EasyIt’s frankly funny to me when I hear the statement “Well…*adjust jeans over pot belly*… if it were easy everyone would do it!”

No they wouldn’t.

I can only speak for being an American when I say there’s so much damn opportunity that it’s ridiculous.

Over 35% of people in the United States are on some kind of federal or state assistance. Yes, there are SOME people that NEED IT.Continue reading

How to Establish Credibility in Your Business: 5 Musts


How to Establish Credibility in Your BusinessOne of the pillars of becoming successful online is learning how to establish credibility in your business.

Yet the problem I see frequently on social media is most are doing the opposite.

‘There’s a lot of money in porn’.

When I tell people I work online, sometimes I get this response. I’m sure there’s a lot of money in pornography but most people won’t get near it for obvious reasons: you have zero credibility going down that path.

It just takes a few key things to respected and credible online (and in the world)…Continue reading

Facebook Page Reach Decline: The Blessing in Disguise


Facebook Page Reach Decline: The Blessing in DisguiseWe’ve all heard moans, groans…and the whining and the bitching: ‘The Facebook Page Reach Decline has killed my page’!

It’s true. The reach on your Facebook Page has slowly declined to the point where it’s almost zero. In fact, I’ve heard numbers that suggest that Facebook’s average organic reach in 2017 is about 1% for pages on the social behemoth.

That means of all the people who ‘Liked’ your page, only 1 percent actually see your posts.

‘This is an injustice!!’ I hear you bark. ‘You’re making me pay to reach MY people’!Continue reading