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Don’t be Toys R Us…Earn Your Keep [Dot Com Minute]


I see something troubling these days…more and more people seem less willing to accept responsibility for their own fiscal health.

Take minimum wage: In principle I am basically against it. It’s not because I’m not in favor of worker’s rights. It’s because of economics.

Statistically it’s proven time and time again that when there is a minimum wage hike, employment goes down. Some people say we should actually legislate hiring so people can get jobs regardless of MW hikes.Continue reading

Ready to Get Real About What it’s Going to Take in Your Online Business?


ready to get realAre you ready to make some REAL money….like starting tomorrow bruh??

Check this sh@! out:Continue reading

Why Aren’t You Answering Your Emails?


why aren't you answering your emailsHello….”Why Aren’t You Answering Your Emails?”

This was the simple question I posed to a fairly successful internet marketer. He had sent me a series of promotional emails offering me what looked like a pretty useful tool for my business.

Let me emphasize that I wanted to BUY THE PRODUCT. However, I had a key question that would determine if it would work for my business.

Here’s a quick rundown of my email messages to him and his responses:Continue reading

The Quote ‘What if Money Was No Object?’ is Utter Garbage


what if money was no objectNot going to mince words here with you…the saying ‘What if Money Was No Object?’ is arguably one of the most ridiculous sayings I’ve ever heard.

From the best I can tell, this term was coined by British philosopher and writer Alan Watts. (Is it a coincidence Watts was an idealist? But I digress…)

The quote essentially asks what would your life be like if money were no object? In other words, you had LOTS of it so that you could ‘do’ anything you wanted with your life, regardless of the monetary cost.Continue reading

When to Care What People Think of You


what people think of youIn the age of social media we read and hear a lot of defiant tones as people profess their independence from what the masses ‘think of them’:

‘I don’t care what you think…’

‘It’s my life…you don’t like it, step off…’

‘You should never care what people think…’

I’ve even posted some similar sentiments on my social profiles.

Be careful thinking this way and making it an ‘absolute’ in your head.Continue reading

How Instagram Bot Comments Are Ruining Your Brand


Instagram Bot CommentsAh….Instagram Bot Comments.

The ultimate social media shortcut.

The booming popularity of the photo sharing app has given rise to countless startups, apps and coding nerds in Mom’s basement who will try to sell you a way to automate your comments on Instagram…Continue reading

How to Create a Swipe File for Your Online Business


how to create a swipe fileIf you want to create a never-ending stream of ideas for your online business, you should learn how to create a swipe file.Continue reading

3 Ways ‘No’ Can Make You Rich


3 ways no can make you richLet’s be bluntly honest here…

Nobody likes rejection.

No one likes being told ‘no’.

In business, and in life.

I’ve been at this game for SIXTEEN years…and I STILL hate it.

But it doesn’t bother me anymore. At all. In fact, I KNOW it’s a powerful (and necessary) part of my sales process at all times.

Want to know why? Read (and watch) on…Continue reading

Are You Surrounding Yourself with Losers?


are you surrounding yourself with losersAre You Surrounding Yourself with Losers?

That is not a comfortable question to ask someone, let alone ask yourself. But it may be the single most important ‘thing’ you face in your life.Continue reading

The Myth of Market Saturation in Online Marketing


myth of market saturationOne recurring complaint or concern I hear a lot from newbies getting in to online marketing is “the market is saturated”…or “my niche is saturated.”

There seems to be so much competition in every niche how can anyone get their piece?

Let me explain why this is utter hogwash…Continue reading