Create Your Own Path to Save Your Ass

Create Your Own Path to Save Your Ass


Why you should create your own path

I believe you need to create your own path but be careful of bad breath…

A story:

About 15 years ago I had a sales job for a watch company. I spent my day visiting jewelry stores and on the phones with them when I wasn’t out in the field.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I hated the job. The reason? The jewelers I met were some of the rudest people I’d ever met (so if you’re a jeweler…sorry…just my experience). But I had another reason: I hated having a job, period.

So there I am in the office one day and my boss comes in. He was an alright guy, but a little edgy. (He lived on a steady dose of Diet Coke and Sudafed so no wonder)

So then he asks me:

“Hey Kenny, I’ve been smelling your breath…have you been smoking pot?”

(smelling my breath?…what…he’s been tryin’ to kiss me or something…?)

I was totally caught off guard. I stuttered a bit and then said, “no, I don’t…I don’t smoke pot.”

I could tell by his glaring eyes he didn’t believe me. I DON’T smoke the stuff but then I realized I had been taking a vitamin powder that tasted awful…and maybe that’s what gave me demons breath. Or breath from Scooby Doo…

I walked out of his office and felt so embarrassed.  But at the same time I was mad.

I didn’t need this shit.  Nope.

Either way, that was it for me. That was my last full-time job.

Make Your Own Path Because No One Will Do it For You…Ever

I knew I had to work for myself after that.

Maybe you’re in a position like this (no, not the marijuana thing). Tired of the boss. You want to pave your own path financially. Or just make extra income. Many do and want to do it online. I can’t blame them. It can very profitable IF done right.

But in all honesty finding the right vehicle is not easy to create your own path of success.

My Own Path Showed Me I Needed to be Committed and it Was Not a Cakewalk

That was my last full-time job (15 years ago) and I’d love to tell you that it was all smooth sailing after that with tons of money flowing as I laid on the beach sipping cool beverages.

It wasn’t…far from it.

My career was fraught with frustration and challenge working for myself.

But…I grew in ways I could never have imagined. Because when you take the ‘safe’ route there is usually very little growth.

Look, pushing out of your comfort zone takes effort and work. Nothing worthwhile is free.

Yeah, not many gurus say that these days do they? Wonder why…(more on this later)

Because when you create your own path on YOUR terms with energy and purpose, an interesting thing happens: People start to gravitate towards you. They feel compelled to be around you. To feel what you feel. To join your tribe. *wink* 🙂

Think about it. Find your path and create a unique vision for yourself. Stand out amongst the masses and you’ll thrive.

I guarantee it.

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