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In Face (book) No One Can Hear You Scream


scream-spaceIt’s cold, dreary and devoid of all oxygen…

…and life.

You wander in the dark hoping someone will hear you…

But no one is listening…and there’s no one to save you.

In the vast, unforgiving coldness of Face (book), you are alone as you yell in vain in the hopes someone will hear your cries for help:

‘HEEEELLLLPPPPP!! PLEASE!!!!! Listen to my offer! Buy my offer!! Where is everyone???!!!

But no one is there.

Actually, they are. But they are not listening.Continue reading

Are you waiting for Godot??


waiting-for-godot“Nothing to be done.” Vladimir takes up the thought loftily.

Vladimir and Estragon, two men ‘determined’ and on a ‘mission’…

a mission to wait for the man (?)…the myth (?)…the legend (?)…Godot.

Who is Godot, you ask?? I do not know…and perhaps neither do they.Continue reading

Don’t Procrastinate Until it’s Two Thirty


toothacheMy dentist stared at the X-RAY while calmly humming a song to himself, then casually turned to me and said:

“Yeah, this has to come out.”

‘S%#@.’ I thought to myself. Part of me was nervous and bummed. The other part of me was relieved.

Bummed because, of course, I was about to lose a molar in the back of my mouth. Relieved because I was about to be freed from some of the most intense pain I’ve ever felt.

The dreaded toothache…but not just any toothache…Continue reading

Jackaninnys, Credit Cards and Game of Thrones


jackassI was going to quote this jackass below (as I sometimes do) but today I decided not to give him the press.

Here is the whining in a nutshell:

Guy bitches to me that even though he can get a free trial of an autoresponder email service and my free bonus (that will actually help him to use said autoresponder and actually make some money…AND…he can keep the bonus even if he doesn’t want to use the service) he is ‘not willing’ to put in his credit card info to start the trial.

THIS, my esteemed friends, is the loser mentality.

In reality, he is not willing to do ANYTHING to change his current situation.


Because he is not living in reality.Continue reading

90% of success is just showing up


siestaDid you go to work today?

Did you go to work yesterday?

Let me ask you this:

Did you NOT go to your job for the last two weeks because ‘you didn’t feel like it?’

I’m better dollars to donuts that you DID go to work.

I think we all know what would happen if you didn’t.Continue reading

Build it and they will ask ‘who the hell are you again?’


field‘Ray, people will come Ray. They’ll come to Iowa for reasons they can’t even fathom. They’ll turn up your driveway not knowing for sure why they’re doing it.’

For the movies…sure pal.

But in your business…eh no.

A great line by the James Earl Jones character in ‘Field of Dreams’ to be sure…


people know why they’re coming to your website…

…and they ain’t just gonna stumble on to your blog willy-nilly.

I don’t care how many baseball bats or how much cotton candy you have.Continue reading

Breaking: Email Between Hillary and Donald Released!


hillary-donaldBig news in the political world…

An email exchange between Trump and Clinton has been found and released.

Here is the exchange:Continue reading

Jim Jones and the Social Media Koolaid


jim-jonesHey…do you remember Koolaid?

Do you remember Jim Jones?

In 1978 good ol’ Jimmy ran what was now famously known as the Peoples Temple…a crazy-ass cult ran by Jones who was the classic nutjob who got 918 of his cult members to swig Koolaid laced with Cyanide which completed the largest known mass suicide in recorded history.

Nice guy.

Apart from the over 300 children that perished in this tragedy (unimaginable to even think about), no guns were put to those grown-ups’ heads when they sealed their fate by drinking the concoction.

‘And what does this have to do with Social Media?’ you ask?

Plenty.Continue reading

Will You Marry Me?


creep-guyIt’s amazing what true love can do…

…even in mere days, or sooner.

So last month I had a friend who met someone and in no time were engaged to be married…

– They met at a bar…they started chatting, which led to dancing and numbers exchanged.

And get this…

…they got engaged when they were walking to their car!


Yes it is.Continue reading

Think Blogging is Not Important??


blogEvery day when I’m on Facebook I see tons of would-be online marketers who think they have this business figured out…

…by blasting their ‘here’s your 6 grand by dinner-time just by clicking this link mega-matrix we’re different than everybody else blah blah do no work….’

‘Enough Ken!! I get it!!’

You better.

Kenster’s trying to look out for ya is all.

What do you think some of the most successful online marketers do?Continue reading

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