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Why Blog Marketing Should be Part of Your Online Business


Blog Marketing should be part of your MLMThere are many business models (online and offline) where blog marketing can have a positive impact on branding and sales of your business.

For our purposes, I want to show you why blog marketing, or blogging as it’s commonly referred to, can have a extremely positive impact on your Internet or MLM/Network Marketing business.Continue reading

Email is Dead: Long Live Email


Email is Dead - Long Live EmailAlmost every week I read a story, post or blurb on social media all claiming the same thing: Email is DEAD!

Well…of course it is!

After all…with the great invention of social media no one even uses email anymore.


Wrongo.Continue reading

Moving the Free Line in to Poverty


Moving the Free Line into PovertyMaybe you’ve heard the saying in online marketing, ‘moving the free line’?

Basically it’s a process where a product seller gives more and more of his ‘stuff’ to their customers and/or prospects for free…usually to build goodwill, trust and to educate. So ‘moving’ the free line is merely giving away more freebies before you offer a paid product to them.Continue reading

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages: The Future of Web Content?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages will speed up your mobile browsing experience and could be the future of mobile content delivery

Back in October, Google unveiled a new open source project called Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The project’s purpose is to get web pages to load more quickly on mobile devices, thus providing a better user experience.

On Tuesday, Google announced it will start sending traffic to these pages in 2016Continue reading

Hostgator Black Friday Sale – $1.39 to Start Your Blog

hostgator black friday

Get your blog online for super cheap with the Hostgator Black Friday Sale

Have you been planning to start your blog but keep putting it off? Well now you have no excuse…

Hostgator is running their yearly Hostgator Black Friday Sale where you can get your blog online for as low as $1.39. They are also offering discounts on domain name purchases.


Continue reading

Confirmed Opt In No Longer Required for Aweber Imports

aweber confirmed opt in list options

Aweber no longer requires you to use Confirmed Opt In when you import leads

Moving any of your online data to another service is never fun and can be downright nerve-wracking. Who wants to risk losing some of their data?

Well, if you have email leads and want to move them somewhere else, online autoresponder service Aweber has now made this process MUCH easier.Continue reading

Google Rolling out Gmail Spam Filter Update

Gmail spam filter update

Google is rolling out a new Gmail Spam filter update so you catch more of your ‘good emails that get lost

Are you a Gmail user that has had issues missing some of your email? I occasionally lose some of mine only to find them in my spam folder.

Gmail is rolling out a new feature update which will show your emails that are accidently caught in your spam folder when you do a search of your regular inbox.Continue reading

Carlee’s Place in Borrego Springs – It’s Cooler Here…

Carlee's Place is the hot nightspot in Borrego to grab some grub and some drinks

Carlee’s Place in Borrego Springs, California is a great burger, beer and entertainment destination in the Southern California desert

If you ever get a chance to visit the Southern California low desert, make sure you pay a visit to a little town called Borrego Springs.

There, in the center of town, you’ll find a 70’s-ish looking restaurant-burger-joint-cold-beer-bar called Carlee’s Place.Continue reading

The New York Times’ Successful Email Newsletter Strategy


New York Times Email Newsletter StrategyWith most brands centering their online marketing around Social Media , an old publishing stalwart is utilizing a savvy email newsletter strategy and finding success.

The New York Times, one of the oldest newspapers around, has launched 33 niche-based email newsletters (12 of them on the last year) and is enjoying a high open rate and an extremely engaged audience due to an aggressive email newsletter strategy:Continue reading

The 50th Borrego Days Desert Festival in Pictures


Borrego Days Desert Festival

As a lifelong desert lover and partial time resident I really enjoy attending the Borrego Days Desert Festival in Borrego Springs, California.

The Borrego Days Desert Festival is a yearly gathering of people, food, music, art and community (from Oct. 23rd to 25th) set in a beautiful desert valley about 2 hours east of San Diego. And I cannot overstate the beauty here!Continue reading