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The Real Meaning of Commitment: Niki Lauda

real meaning of commitment - Kenneth Holland

There are those that THINK they are commited. Then there is Niki Lauda. And he exemplifies the real meaning of commitment. Tire kickers take note…

‘…as the doctor pulled the long thin vacuum tube from out of his mouth (down to his lungs), Niki said…

do it again.’

Niki Lauda, a legendary Formula 1 racecar driver from the 70’s and 80’s, had been injured in a crash in Germany in 1976. Most of his face and scalp were burned badly, but what threatened his life were the deep burns in his lungs as he sat in his flaming race car inhaling hot gases.

Miraculously, he survived. But the doctors had to continuously vacuum the fluid from his lungs. Lauda was determined to race again that same year and reportedly urged the doctors to suck the poison out of his lungs as fast as possible, despite the intense pain.

Lauda not only was able to step back in to his race car 6 weeks later (the liner of his helmet soaked with blood after his first race back), Lauda would Continue reading

Why you can’t run a business from your phone

run a business from your phone - Kenneth Holland

I just love the new wave of ads selling you the BS idea that you can run a business from your phone! No, you can’t. President? Yes. You? No. Here’s why…(…why do I have a TV remote to my ear???

It’s so easy.

So so easy.

“Run your business from your phone! Make thouuuuusands!!”


Smartphones have revolutionized communication. They do an amazing amount of things. There are an endless number of apps that gives us users an endless amount of ‘angles’ to (hopefully!) make our lives easier.

It can even help our business.

But you can’t run your entire business on it. Nor should you want to.

Disagree? Well let’s look…Continue reading

Caught with their pants down…a tale of arrogance

They were caught with their pants down -

They were successful…and arrogant. They ignored the signs and as a result were caught with their pants down. Will you follow their lead?

It was the early 90’s…the blow, the women (and men), the payola and the good times were had by all.

Oh yes…it was the heyday of the music industry…the gloves were off.

And I had a front row seat.

I worked in a mailroom for a major music industry trade publication. They collected ungodly sums to promote new and existing artists. The artists would come in to grease our wheels to make sure THEY were getting greased.

BIG money. I saw firsthand. Trust me…I often ran the bank deposits.

But the cracks started to form…if you were smart enough to look…Continue reading

Why Boeing Cheats and Why You Should Model Their Business

why Boeing cheats -

Successful companies use leverage as a chief driver to grow their business. This is why Boeing cheats and why you should too…

“You realize we’re sitting on 45,000 pounds of fuel, one nuclear warhead and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder? Makes you feel good doesn’t it?” – Quote from ‘Armageddon’

Did you know that airplane maker Boeing outsources over 67% of the actual construction of their aircraft?

Here’s a little tidbit that may be eye-opening for you (and it should):

Spirit AeroSystems Inc. this week delivered the 10,000th Wichita-built 737 aircraft fuselage to the Boeing Co.

The milestone number, which was confirmed by the company, stretches back decades to when the Spirit (NYSE: SPR) facility was still part of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and where production on the 737 dates back to the mid-1960s.

A company spokesperson says Spirit will hold an event to celebrate the achievement in the coming weeks.

Spirit, which has work on all Boeing commercial programs, builds about 70 percent of every 737 that the company delivers. Those deliveries now are comprised of the company’s Next-Generation 737 models and the growing 737 MAX family.

Did you catch it?Continue reading

“No one is going buy Higher Ticket Products”

higher ticket products -

Successful higher ticket products is about one thing. Do that to the right market and you’ll sell all day. But most people are too lazy to learn. Here it is…

“No one is going to buy a higher ticket item…I tried.”

This was a response I received after yesterday’s post. Nothing else was offered in the their answer.

To say this is not true couldn’t be more of an understatement.

‘High ticket’ products are sold in every industry, everywhere. every day. You could start rattling them off by the tens of dozens…starting with housing.

What this response speaks to specifically is this person’s FAILURE to sell higher ticket products.

They ‘tried’. I wonder how hard they ‘tried’?

I’m betting not very.Continue reading

New Payment App Makes Typical Affiliate Mistake

typical affiliate mistake -

Zapaygo, self-described as a lifestyle payment app for your smartphone, has launched an affiliate program. But they make the typical affiliate mistake….

Zapaygo, self-described as a lifestyle payment app for your smartphone, has launched an affiliate program. Problem is, they make the typical affiliate mistake….

First, here’s a bit on what Zapaygo is:

Zapaygo provides a menu of goods or services and a pre-order and payment facility to consumers through a free smartphone application.

The technology has been developed to innovate an age-old customer problem and to help venues and visitors improve their customer experience. Zapaygo will become the leading mobile payment platform in the sports, leisure and hospitality sectors.

The app streamlines the ordering and payment process in bars, restaurant, stadiums and many other venues, helping users and all types of businesses by reducing wasted time in queues and enhancing the service experience for everyone.

Zapaygo’s big mistake is their affiliate pay structure:Continue reading

Social Media Addiction & Pin Up Dolls – The Week in Review


The younglings laugh at me when I talk about TV remotes and Rotary phones. Then I see them waste their time with selfies. Here’s what they’re missing.

I have to laugh sometimes when I tell the younger whippersnappers that before the Interwebs and smart phones we had push button telephones and before that, rotary phones. They then give me a sideways look like I’m talking gibberish and say “you’re old huh?”

Then I have to cry.

Then they ignore me and start perusing their Snapchat while downloading a song to their 10 Terabyte flash drive.

I am old. But smart enough to edumacate the younglings that they are missing out on a golden goose of opportunity that is Social Media.

Hold off on the selfies for a ‘sec and read the following:Continue reading

Founders Plaza at DFW Airport [Dot Com Vlog 11]

Founders Plaza at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport -

Everyone has different ways to relax and get away. One of mine is to spend time at Founders Plaza at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport.

Everyone has different ways to relax and get away.

One of mine is to spend time at Founders Plaza at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport.

Founders is an observation area that was built in 1995 (in my video below I said 10 years ago so I was way off) as a dedication to the founders of Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport. It’s a place to come hang out, relax and watch big commercial jets take off and land right in front of you on the West side of the airport.

Many people use it as a ‘cell phone lot’ (a waiting area to pick up their passengers without having to drive around the terminal) and to just come and watch planes land. Many also come out to ‘plane spot’…which is the hobby of shooting pictures and/or video of commercial and civil aircraft (also called ‘plane spotting’).

But whatever your reason is it’s just a relaxed place to hang and unwind.Continue reading

4 Reasons to Use Pinterest (other than redesigning your bathroom)

4 reasons to use pinterest for online marketing -

Most people think Pinterest is only for cake recipies and pillow pics. Let me add 4 reasons to use Pinterest to build your online business…

I’ve never been one to bake…or redesign my bathroom…

…although I consume both on an almost daily basis…

(ok…we’ll leave it at that!)


I’ve quickly become a big fan of Pinterest.

Therefore, I’m about to give you 4 reasons to use Pinterest for your online business, but first, a few quick stats on the visual search engine:

> There are over 250 million active users on Pinterest

> 2 million shopping pins are saved PER DAY

> Although 80% of Pinterest users are females, 40% of new signups are men.

> Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram…especially for buying decisions

You can read more stats here.Continue reading

Love Tweets to Put on Twitter For Affiliate Marketing Domination

Love Tweets to Put on Twitter -

Grab a hot chocolate and get in your easy chair…settle in for a rump-roaring installment of Love Tweets to Put on Twitter For Fun and Butt Selfies

Grab a hot chocolate (and if you’re of age…add some ‘grog to it), get in your easy chair and settle in for a rump-roaring installment of…

Mr. Kenster’s neighborhood musings of love-140 character selfies.

Otherwise known as:

Love Tweets to Put on Twitter For Fun and Profit (with Hugs and Kisses)

(Doesn’t that just warm your heart (and arches of your feet) just thinkin’ bout it?)

So without further A Doggy Doo…

Continue reading

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