Bitcoin, The NFL and Rock and Roll - The Week in Review

Bitcoin, The NFL and Rock and Roll – The Week in Review


week in review - bitcoinLeave it to Digital Currency to stick it’s head in two long-standing traditions: Football and Rock n Roll. But no worries…I stuck some toy talk in this week and *gasp* some social media training (because some of you need it…no offense).

So let’s strap on our Flying V, some shoulder pads and hit the mosh pit…

8 Social Media Tools for Marketing for 10 Bucks (or Free!)

Everybody and their sister (and their sister’s sister’s husband) is coming out with some social media tool that’s going to change the game for you. The truth is NONE of them will change any game, but they can make your life easier. So why not use one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Don’t be Toys R Us…Earn Your Keep

So Toy R Us filed for bankruptcy because people got tired of being creeped out by those giraffes. Ok, that’s not true…and it does suck to see thousands lose their jobs. But upper management is trying to raid the cookie jar on the way out (NOT cool) and it gives us entrepreneurs a very important reminder

The Time Eddie Van Halen ‘Really Got Me’

Beer. Backstage. Van Halen. Yes, it’s true. I hob-nobbed with rock and roll royalty. I would tell you it was terrible, but I would be lying. 🙂 But…what happened one night when I grabbed the hand of a guitar legend can teach us all a lesson on how we should act.

Why Cryptocurrency Will Fail…Maybe

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or a bridge (try to avoid both) you know that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are as hot as Harvey Weinstein wearing a fur coat in Phoenix in July (not sure where I came up with THAT but whatever). But before you mortgage the Subaru and Aunt Matilda’s duplex in Boca Raton, please read this.

What the NFL Can Teach You About Your Online Business…

How is it a pro football player can crack his ankle and half the time they duct tape his leg, give him a ‘shot’ (no not tequila) and send him back out on the field. I’m considering urgent care whenever I get a hangnail. But when it comes to your home-based business, you can learn some valuable lessons on seeking success. Even if you’re not Payton Manning.

Jet’s Pizza Scottsdale, Arizona – Dot Com Food

Was I the last person to know that Jet’s is the twelfth largest pizza chain in the United States? Someone told me I had to try their pizza, so it was my moral duty to shove a whole large pizza with non-vegan stuff down my gullet and tell you about it.


Now THAT’S a week! Pizza, football, fake money (just kidding?) toys and Runnin’ with the Devil. I should get in a band again…

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