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Carlee’s Place in Borrego Springs – It’s Cooler Here…

Carlee's Place is the hot nightspot in Borrego to grab some grub and some drinks

Carlee’s Place in Borrego Springs, California is a great burger, beer and entertainment destination in the Southern California desert

If you ever get a chance to visit the Southern California low desert, make sure you pay a visit to a little town called Borrego Springs.

There, in the center of town, you’ll find a 70’s-ish looking restaurant-burger-joint-cold-beer-bar called Carlee’s Place.Continue reading

The New York Times’ Successful Email Newsletter Strategy


New York Times Email Newsletter StrategyWith most brands centering their online marketing around Social Media , an old publishing stalwart is utilizing a savvy email newsletter strategy and finding success.

The New York Times, one of the oldest newspapers around, has launched 33 niche-based email newsletters (12 of them on the last year) and is enjoying a high open rate and an extremely engaged audience due to an aggressive email newsletter strategy:Continue reading

The 50th Borrego Days Desert Festival in Pictures


Borrego Days Desert Festival

As a lifelong desert lover and partial time resident I really enjoy attending the Borrego Days Desert Festival in Borrego Springs, California.

The Borrego Days Desert Festival is a yearly gathering of people, food, music, art and community (from Oct. 23rd to 25th) set in a beautiful desert valley about 2 hours east of San Diego. And I cannot overstate the beauty here!Continue reading

Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino…Where I Like to Relax


Fantasy Springs Resort and CasinoI am not a big gambler, but one place where I thoroughly love staying is the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino in Indio, California.Continue reading

How to Answer Email and Become a Millionaire


Answer email and become a millionaireYes, it’s true! You can make millions in the next 30 days by sitting around working 2 hours a week while you answer email

Well, no you can’t.  But you’ll certainly struggle to make money online if you refuse to answer email from your prospects and customers in a timely manner.Continue reading

Ready to Go Out of Business? Create Your Own Product


Create your own product and go out of business“Hey…just buy this master-jedi-traffic-monster tool, create your own product, and you’re on your way to millions“!

This just pisses me off to no end…

How many internet marketing promotions do you see on a daily basis touting their latest and greatest courses on how to master…Continue reading

What is Your Excuse for Not Getting What You Want??


What is Your ExcuseI’ll get straight to the point: What is your excuse for not getting what you want in your life??

So on the heels of the little rant the other day that definitely belongs in the what is your excuse category, I have the following little ditty from a kind ol fellow:Continue reading

How to Stop Blaming Others in One Easy Step


Got a little story for you that might help you learn how to stop blaming others…

“This is just another scam to get my money, right?”

I could feel the whiny, tire-kicking, excuse-making ‘I-want-400K-by-next-week-done-everything-for-me’ attitude a mile away…

How to Stop Blaming Others in One Easy Step

‘See?? It’s not really Ken’s fault why you’re not making money. You might want to stop making excuses and get to work…’

This lady really had it in for me too. ‘Gertrude’ we’ll call her (to protect the complaining)…and she took one hell of an exception that she was on my email list and that I dare send her an offer trying to sell her something. *gasp*

“All I get are these emails from you telling me I should buy this and buy that! It’s always something EVERY DAY! You’re just a 2 bit car salesman trying to take my money! Well I’m not falling for it and I’m reporting you Mr. Holland!!”Continue reading

Harry Bennett and Mr. Ford, the Desert Hideout


Harry Bennett and His Sky Valley Hideout


If only Harry Bennett could (not to mention Mr. Ford) talk from the grave…

The name Henry Ford is easily recognizable to most Americans as the legendary founder of Ford Motor Company, the car company that bears his name.

But most do not know one of Ford’s most notorious employees by the name of Harry Bennett.Continue reading

Create Your Own Path to Save Your Ass


Why you should create your own path

I believe you need to create your own path but be careful of bad breath…

A story:

About 15 years ago I had a sales job for a watch company. I spent my day visiting jewelry stores and on the phones with them when I wasn’t out in the field.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I hated the job. The reason? The jewelers I met were some of the rudest people I’d ever met (so if you’re a jeweler…sorry…just my experience). But I had another reason: I hated having a job, period.Continue reading