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It’s Never Too Late for a Comeback (Plus the Ponies!) [Dot Com Vlog 5]


It's Never Too Late for a ComebackIn today’s edition of my Dot Com Vlog (Episode #5) I’ll show you 3 great examples of why it’s never too late for a comeback:

Tiger Woods, Goodyear, Arizona and 2nd race at Turf Paradise…Continue reading

When and WHY You Shouldn’t go to Company Events


All I ever seem to hear from business builders and companies alike is…

“You HAVE to get to our company megalistic event! You’ll be at a big disadvantage if you don’t go!”

You don’t…and you won’t.Continue reading

A Tale of Persistence (if this guy can…you have NO excuse)


persistenceYesterday, Amazon agreed to buy ‘Ring’, a company that makes WIFI enabled doorbells and other ‘smart’ products for a reported 1 BILLION dollars.

But it was far from easy to get to this point…

In his quest to raise money, the company’s founder, Jamie Siminoff, ran out of money and was rejected by ‘Shark Tank’ in 2013. But that did not deter him.Continue reading

Why I Switched to ActiveCampaign (+ Internet & Insta Trouble) [Dot Com Vlog 4]


In today’s edition of my Dot Com Vlog (Episode #4) I talk about why I switched back to ActiveCampaign Autoresponder and ditched Drip. (I also still have a long-time back up as well)

I also have an update on my internet troubles with Cox and some confusing instructions from them.

I cover why I do NOT currently use either LeadPages or ClickFunnels for my landing and funnel pages and what I DO use and my Olympic aspirations.

Check it out…Continue reading

Senate Hearing on Cryptocurrency Yesterday: Regulation is Coming


Yesterday The Senate Banking Committee along with the Securities and Exchange Commission issued testimony on possible upcoming regulation that might take place for the Cryptocurrency industry.

What’s interesting is that the sentiment of the hearing was in many ways a positive outlook for Cryptos going forward.Continue reading

Tesla Pushes One Step Closer to Ending the Power Monopoly


Tesla will start selling its solar gear for the in approximately 800 Home Depot stores starting in the first half of this year as the famous electric car giant makes a major test push in to the home consumer market Bloomberg reports.

Lowe’s may also join the fray to sell Tesla’s solar offerings.Continue reading

Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Ads – Do This Instead


Last week Facebook announced they would ban all Cryptocurrency related advertising on their network due to the amount of scams that have piggy-backed on the popularity of Bitcoin and other emerging Cryptocurrencies:Continue reading

Super Ken’s Week in Review


Super Ken’s Week in ReviewIt’s ‘The Big Game’ today. Apparently I cannot use the word ‘Super Bowl’ because of trademarks, rights, etc…. Maybe I can do some SEO for Roger Goodell in exchange for using the term. I could really help him and I have the first keyphrase I can help him rank for: ‘Stop Pissing Off Your Fans’. That’s gonna take a a lot of link-building…

Anyhoo…let’s get to todays Week in Review…Continue reading

Do you use this excuse?


“‘I don’t have the money’ and ‘I don’t have the time’ has to be the two lamest excuses I’ve ever heard for someone who won’t pursue their dream.Continue reading

Butts are not a real business…


“I get told ‘no’ all the time. I got told ‘no’ this morning, and I’ll get told ‘no’ tomorrow.

Why? Because I’m not hot enough to get smoke blown up my ass. I also always try to face my fears…no matter how uncomfortable. Continue reading