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Did it Pass You Like a Fart in the Wind??


Did it pass you like a fart in the wind?The Warden was pissed…and couldn’t believe it.

After all, how could a prisoner in a maximum security prison bust out of his cell and escape…

…without even disturbing the crickets?Continue reading

Why Lottery Players Do Not Want to be Wealthy

lottery players

Most lottery players don’t want the money. That’s why they play…

That’s quite a title, isn’t it?

It’s true.

Yep…Lottery players don’t really want the money.

Let me explain…

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Stop Complaining and Start Working

stop complaining

Stop complaining if you spend your free time watching Netflix…

Was talking to a guy the other day when I was out and he said something interesting:

“Donald Trump was given all his money.”

Oh here we go.

Yes, Trump inherited a sizable sum of money from everything I’ve read…although nowhere even close to what he is worth now.

‘So what’s your point?” I asked.

“That’s the only way you get wealthy.” the guy answered.

I just shook my head.Continue reading

Is Keyword Density for SEO on the Move?

keyword density for seo

Proper keyword density for SEO is important if you wanna keep away the Pandas…

It looks as if keyword density for seo purposes might be changing, if Yoast’s post is any indication.

Yesterday, Yoast SEO published a post on their blog titled ‘Keyword density in a post-Panda world’ where they indicate Google might be getting stricter with excessive keyword stuffing on webpages:



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Does Positive Thinking Really Work? Maybe Not

does positive thinking really work

Does positive thinking really work? Some research suggests not in the way society typically applies it

We hear it and read about it all the time.

The power of positive thinking.

Most of it centers around affirmations we’re supposed to tell ourselves:

‘I am doing this.’

‘I am a good parent.’

‘I am successful.’

It’s the process of affirming or declaring something to be, if you will.

We’ve all also had those moments when we try to pump ourselves up for a task or challenge ahead:

‘I know I can do this.’

But does positive thinking really work??

Some researchers say no…Continue reading

Using The Brief Paragraph Technique to Get Your Posts Read

brief paragraph technique

Grammar…phooey…use the Brief Paragraph Technique to get your posts read

When you’re posting to your blog, you have ONE initial goal:

To get your post read.

Everyone knows your first step is to craft a compelling headline. After that, you want your reader to actually read the article.

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of factors that go in to getting people to read your stuff: Interest in the subject matter, proper wording etc…

But a great place to start is using The Brief Paragraph technique, as I like to call it.Continue reading

Don’t Wait…You’re Ready


You have everything you need…so don’t wait to claim your destiny…

youre ready

You Screwed it Up Again…and It’s OK


you screwed it upThey are all surprised you screwed it up.

You made a mistake.

Maybe you betrayed a friend.

Maybe you committed a criminal act.

Maybe you even committed adultery.

Maybe you even considered ending it all.

People are shocked you did the ‘unthinkable’. But maybe those very people threw stones with a vengeance…and a guilt.

We’re all so frickin’ concerned and horrified we might screw the pooch. Crash and burn. Commit an error.  Mess it up. Royally f#%$ it up.

The universe laughs at this. The universe laughs at you.

Why?Continue reading

6 Ways How to Deal with Self Doubt

how to deal with self doubt

Learning how to deal with self doubt is vital if you want to grow

We all go through it.  I mean…everyone.

The gripping anxiety of self doubt.

But not just doubt.  Self doubt and fear.  And they often go hand in hand…

Just last week, I was working on a part of my business (we’ll call it Project X) that I was overhauling to improve going forward.  This is something I really want to conquer to take my business to the next level.  It wasn’t going well and I was frustrated.  But then it started happening:  That feeling of doubt and questioning in my mind…in my body.Continue reading

Why You Should Get Your Own Domain Name

get your own domain name

Getting your own domain name is a neccessary, simple start to branding yourself online

Are you familiar with Ted Cruz?  If not, he is a senator from Texas who is (at the time of this post) currently running for President of The United States.

I bring him up…not for a political debate (so no political comments please), but to illustrate why you should get your own domain name…in YOUR name.

Senator Cruz’ official site is at However, if you go to you get a warning page, and if you proceed after that you get…

a page promoting President Obama.

Oops.Continue reading