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The 80-20 Rule Can Change Your Business…If You’re in the 20


The 80-20 Rule Can Change Your BusinessDo you sometimes feel like everyone is a flake?

I used to feel that way…but not anymore. Why?  Because I embraced (and put in to practice) a rule that has changed everything.Continue reading

A Quick Trip by Schecter Guitars at NAMM 2017 – Dot Com Music


A Quick Trip by Schecter Guitars at NAMM 2017As some of you know, I’m a retired drummer from my previous life.

And every year I used to attend the National Association of Music Merchants Convention in Anaheim, California or ‘NAMM’.

NAMM is the world’s largest music products trade convention, and if you love music related stuff it’s a must go if you can get a pass.

This year stopped by briefly to see one of my closest friends, John Gaudesi at Schecter Guitar Research. John is one of the preeminent electric guitar builders in the industry and I mainly just wanted to see him.Continue reading

The Myth of Turning a Profit with Display Ads on Your Blog


The Myth of Turning a Profit with Display Ads on Your Blog…and what you must do instead.

What’s up internet veterans? It’s finally sunny here today in Southern California but we got more rain coming. But hey, we need it!

In today’s video (from a Facebook Live this morning) I want to explain to those just getting started with a website or blog how running ads on your site pages will not make you much money…and what to do instead.Continue reading

Friday (don’t let off), Trump, Is Ken a Debbie Downer, NAMM Show

Friday (don’t let off), Trump, Is Ken a Debbie Downer, NAMM Show

Me and Michael Anthony (Van Halen)

Greetings from rainy Southern California!

We’re still in the throes of El Nino in what used to be sunny So Cal but the rain is not letting up. A good thing though as we really need it.

So in my Facebook Live video this morning (below)… let me cover what’s happening in our world (and how it affects you), follow me as I follow some burnt out musicians, and shoot you (hopefully) a few nuggets of wisdom.

Covered in today’s video (below):Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Social Media Influenza


How to Get Rid of Social Media InfluenzaThank Judas I’ve been able to avoid big globs of snot dripping from my nose.

I’ve avoided the winter cold the past few years (knock on Ferrari bumper) by taking the right vitamins (not the store bought junk) and eating right (with some occasional detours).

And I think that has spilled (pun intended!) over in to my Social Media business and avoided the dreaded ‘influenza’.Continue reading

You’ve Already Been Scammed…


You’ve Already Been ScammedThe nightmares of my senior year…

In my ‘dream’…I’m trying to find my high school locker. I eventually find it. Then, I cannot remember the combination. Then the school bell rings. I’m late for class…but then cannot find my classroom.

This went on for years. And I remember waking up sweating and thinking to myself, “I have NO IDEA what I’m doing here in school.”

Because I really didn’t.Continue reading

Wanting to be Rich Isn’t Good Enough


Wanting to be Rich Isn’t Good EnoughMost people know the story of Bill Gates.

The founder of Microsoft became a multi-billionaire (cue Austin Powers) and one of the wealthiest men ever.

Then what did he do? He quit Microsoft to start several philanthropic efforts. He also gave away over 90% of his money.

Why would he do this?Continue reading

Quit NOW if You Can’t Do This [VIDEO]


Quit NOW if You Can’t Do This Seriously…you need to quit now.

I know…I frickin’ know…

Usually my post titles are usually literary pieces of gold. But I’ve been in a rant mode lately because I’m seeing so much stupidity in our crazy world of work at homeness.

And I don’t want you skipping down this path of ill-repute…otherwise known as being broke the rest of your life.

But what I’m experiencing from some prominent online marketers is just flat-out lame and I don’t want you copying what they’re doing (or NOT doing).Continue reading

South Beach Bar and Grille in Ocean Beach – Dot Com Food


South Beach Bar and Grill in Ocean Beach – Dot Com FoodIf (when!) you make it to San Diego make sure to cruise on down to Ocean Beach.

There you will find a beach culture like any other. And if you’d like some gorgeous views, some yummy fish tacos and cold champagne, then you’ll love South Beach Bar & Grill…Continue reading

Who the Hell ARE YOU? [Email Marketing Tip]


Who the Hell ARE YOU? [Email Marketing Tip]I don’t know about you, but when I get to know someone, I prefer that they use the same name whenever I see them or they call me.

Call me crazy…

…but my communications with someone in this scenario pretty-much-usually-more-often-than-not-actually-FREAKING-NEVER go like the following:Continue reading

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