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My Brother from Another Mother…


My Brother From Another Mother…who (like yours truly) would rather rake in the moolah on his own terms than work ‘for the man’.

It’s not often that I sing the proverbial praises for another Internet Stud (especially with the same surname…as I thought that was reserved for me), but that is exactly what Dean Holland is.Continue reading

If the Millionaires Use This Model…Shouldn’t You?


A few weeks back I was having lunch with internet marketing legend John Chow.

(He has these ‘Dot Com Lunches’ in California on the weekends…good stuff and I always learn a ton)

So me, John and a few others are talking about online business strategies while eating some good Pho… (ever had Pho??)

John then says…Continue reading

“…this kinda s#!@ here sells itself.”


sells-itself“What else are you selling?”

“All kinds of s#@!. But I don’t have to sell this and you know it, ’cause this kind of s#@! here sells itself.”

Oh yeah Jackson.

You ever see the movie, ‘Heat’, with Robert DiNiro and Al Pacino?

Do yourself a favor…if not, go rent it and watch it.

The bank shootout scene is one of the best ever.Continue reading

Closing Down: Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret (Plus: Your FAQ’s answered)

start living in reality

Are you ready to start living in reality about your online business or are going to keep making excuses?

Kenneth here…

As I think you already know…

At midnight tonight (Eastern U.S. time) Dean Holland’s Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret is closing down and will be gone.

Some of you have shot me some email asking questions about Dean’s training so let’s address these shall we…Continue reading

So product deadlines are just a fake scarcity ploy, right?


fake-scarcitySorry to burst your bubble, take your lollipop and tell you that your favorite ice cream store burned to the ground.

Yes, Dean’s Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret deadline IS real.

Dean can’t exactly afford to send these things out forever.

Not to sound like an unfeeling bastard (which really just means I intend to sound like an unfeeling bastard…)…

If you don’t pick this up it’s no skin off my pickup truck.Continue reading

Don’t Fall for the Smoke on the Water…


smoke-on-the-waterDon’t be the stupid guy that burns the place to the ground.

Stay with me here…

It’s one of the most iconic riffs in rock and roll history…and you can go to a music store any day of the week and hear wanna-be guitar hero hacks butchering the famed band…

Deep Purple’s

‘Smoke on the Water’ guitar riff.Continue reading

Email Marketing with Led Zeppelin


UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 01: Photo of LED ZEPPELIN; L-R: John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham - posed, group shot, sitting on car bonnet - first photo session with WEA Records in London in December 1968. (Photo by Dick Barnatt/Redferns)How would you like 1 MILLION email leads for $5.00 for your online business?

You average ‘JUST’ $0.01 (one penny) per month per email and you’re making a cool 10K a month!!

And it cost you just 5 bucks!

After all…you just got 1 MILLION emails on your list.

Now THAT’S Internet Marketing!Continue reading

$252,564 in a single month – Is this even real??


dog-expressionA subject line like the one you just read screams a lot of hype, don’t it??

It surely does.

Except this is VERY real.

This is the amount Dean Holland made in one month employing the strategies covered in his ‘Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret’ training.


One month.Continue reading

“Thank you for telling me the truth”


Thank you for telling me the truthIt’s a movie scene that frankly gives me goose bumps and chokes me up every time I watch it.

“Thank you for telling me the truth.”

“You deserve it.” replied Dr. Chandra.Continue reading

This Sounds Like Some Stupid-Ass Infomercial


used-car-salesman…with a used car salesman whos pants are too tight standing next to his blonde sidekick who just got a tune-up on her knockers.

This whole ‘Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret’ sounds just a bit sleazy.

I get you hoss.

I don’t particularly like the name either.

It comes off a tad too hypey, shall we say.

But here’s the thing:Continue reading